Finance Council




The Finance Committee of St. Ambrose Parish coordinates all financial activities of the Parish and acts as an advisory body for planning, providing counsel and direction to the Pastor and Pastoral Council on financial matters, in accordance with Canon Law and the norms of the Diocesan Bishop. 


  1. Assists and advises the Pastor and Business Manager concerning the administration of the parish goods according to Canon Law and Archdiocesan directives, policies, and norms. b. Directs the preparation of the St. Ambrose annual budget and assists in monitoring operations to assure budget conformance. c. Reviews financial reports at each meeting and presents a report to the Pastoral Council. d. Advises the Pastor, Business Manager and Pastoral Council on matters of financial planning. e. Provides support to other committees and organizations regarding financial matters.











Committee Members

Piet Thomasma, Chairperson 

Susie Wehrkamp, Co-Chair

Dave Geis

Andy Hall

Benji Reinhart

Cindy Dennis

Jamie Armes

Fr. Dan Staublin

Robin Davidson