Welcome to the Stewardship Commission!

The Mission Statement for the Stewardship Commission:

Archbishop Tobin states it simply.

"Stewardship is what I do with what I have when I believe in God."

In collaboration with our Pastor and our Parish Council, the commission is responsible for the following objectives:

  1. To Educate our parish that God is the source of everything we have and are, and we are accountable for the cultivation of God’s Gifts.

  2. To Direct and Communicate opportunities for involvement in Parish Ministries.

  3. To Promote Hospitality within the parish and fully engage all parishioners.

  4. To Develop and Implement our Annual Archdiocese and Parish Stewardship program.

  5. To Aid in the Development of Programs concerning estate planning, deferred gifts, and management of individual financial resources.

  6. To Express Gratitude to our parishioners for their generous gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Ministries of the Stewardship Commission:

  • Buildings and Grounds for Church, Rectory, School & Cemetery
  • United Catholic Appeal
  • Time, Talent, & Treasure appeal for the parish
  • Communications and Promotions
  • Financial Endowments
  • Parish Pictorial Directory
  • Hospitality Committee


 Click here to view the Stewardship e-Bulletin