Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry of St. Ambrose Church began in the summer of 2009. The ministry met its goal to make and present shawls to the forty plus homebound parishioners within its first 12 months of existence. The ministry continues to knit for the homebound and in July of 2010 began knitting the white garments needed for the sacrament of baptism.

Ministry coordinators Kay Melton and Kitty Lewis work with Deacon Mike East to receive names, bless the shawls and deliver shawls through the Eucharistic Ministers. Names also come to the ministry through word of mouth.

The Hispanic group meets each Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. until noon in the downstairs meeting room in the parish center. Other participants in the ministry knit at home. 

All are welcome. The ministry will gladly teach a beginning knitter or help someone regain their skills. Patterns for various skill levels and the bags and tags used in preparing shawls for presentation are available through the coordinators.

The knitters who are inspired to knit for this ministry know the power of prayer and the need of each soul to be remembered and comforted when they face difficult times not of their choosing. Christ has no hands on earth but ours so we reach out. Knitting needles in this ministry become instruments of prayer. We ask for the blessing of comfort on the shawl receipients and if possible that their health be restored. We hope they know others care.