Welcoming Committee


We will serve as an outreach committee to promote a culture of openness and fellowship. In which new church members, those who are returning to our Catholic faith and current parishioners feel welcome and connected to our church.  Our main goal is to make everyone feel welcome and promote fellowship.


Contact newly registered individuals and families to offer a home visit and provide them with a welcome packet with information about our parish.

Committee members will follow-up with newly registered parishioners with a phone call to see how they are becoming acquainted with us.  Answer questions they might have and to inform them of upcoming activities at St. Ambrose. 

This committee would be responsible for organizing a welcome pitch-in meal twice a year for new members of the parish to promote fellowship and make connections with other members of our parish family.  

Will serve on special occasion events as requested.

For more information contact Sylvia Rust at (812) 524-9600 [email protected]

Committee Team

Sylvia Rust

Leticia Pasillas

Maria Robb  

Maribel Aparicio  

Sofia Enriquez      

Sylviane Matzner   

Connie Gerth         

Donna Egan       

Dave Rossi            

Elaine Nolan          

Debi Reinhart         

Linda Jackson        

Kay Melton            

Kitty Lewis             

Louise Schlatterer  

Jeanette Burbank   

Charlene Farrow