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NOTE: (challenges must be completed by July 5, 2020 & scores need to be submitted by July 7, 2020)


Weekend Masses are now back to the regular schedule of
Saturdays @ 5:30 p.m.
and Sundays @ 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. 
Please be sure to sign up online via our website @
The weekly sign up is on the Homepage, or call the Parish Office @ 812-522-5304 to reserve your spot so we can adhere to COVID-19 seating restrictions.  Masks are required. Deadline to sign up is Fridays @ noon.
Weekly Masses are still being recorded and posted to our St. Ambrose Youtube account. You can access it from the parish website @
If you or your family need anything from St. Ambrose Church or Youth Ministry...make sure you let us know.  
We love you and are praying for you even though we aren't gathered.
Ms. Chris & Ms. Beth 
[email protected] 812-522-5304 ext 322
 [email protected] 812-522-5304 ext 321


St. Ambrose Youth Ministry meets throughout the school year on most Wednesday evenings from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. in the youth area, which is upstairs in the Parish Center, for W.O.W. ~ Word on Wednesdays.

We usually begin with a purposeful game and then break into small groups for Lectio Divina ~ reflection and discussion about the coming week’s gospel and how we can apply it to our daily lives. We close with group prayer, including prayer requests, and night blessings. Our goal is to help students grow in their identity as Catholics, as well as foster friendships with people who share their faith.

Any Middle School and High School students and their friends are welcome at any time!

Young adult and parent volunteers are always needed as mentors and chaperones for special service projects and events. 

Here are just a few of the things we do…..

  • “We Care” Packages for college & military students
  • Leaf Raking
  • Community Diner (soup kitchen)
  • Souperbowl of Caring
  • NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference)
  • ICYC (Indiana Catholic Youth Conference)
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
  • Mission Trip 


El Ministerio de Jóvenes en San Ambrosio se reúne durante todo el año escolar la mayoría de los miércoles por la noche de 8:00 a 9:00 p.m. en el área de jóvenes, que está arriba en el Centro Parroquial, para W.O.W. ~ Palabra los miércoles.

Por lo general, comenzamos con un juego intencional y luego nos dividimos en pequeños grupos para reflexionar sobre Lectio Divina ~ y discutir sobre el evangelio de la próxima semana y cómo podemos aplicarlo a nuestra vida diaria. Cerramos con oración grupal, incluyendo peticiones de oración y bendiciones nocturnas. Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a los estudiantes a crecer en su identidad como católicos, así como fomentar amistades con personas que comparten su fe.

¡Cualquier estudiante de secundaria y preparatoria y sus amigos son bienvenidos en cualquier momento!

Los adultos jóvenes y los padres voluntarios siempre son necesarios como mentores y acompañantes para proyectos y eventos de servicios especiales.

Estas son algunas de las cosas que hacemos...

  • Paquetes “We Care” para estudiantes universitarios
  • Rastrillo de hojas
  • Comedor comunitario (cocina de sopa)
  • Souperbowl of Caring
  • NCYC (Conferencia Nacional de Jóvenes Católicos)
  • ICYC (Conferencia de Jóvenes Católicos de Indiana)
  • Sonar Campana de Salvation Army
  • Viaje Misionero


Visit or text stambrose to 84576 to sign up for updates!



Service Hours Log Sheet



Is your child a St. Ambrose college student or in the military?

St. Ambrose Youth Ministry sends out "We Care" packages in the fall to those who were previously involved in our Youth Ministry program.

If you would like your child to receive a package, please complete the following link. 

We Care Address Form